About Red5 = About Me

Red5 is me, Raymond Kennard, and however many of my talented freelancers i need to get the job done well, on time and within budget.

Why pretend to be something i'm not (ie a big flash production company with shiny offices and lots of funky hipster staff). What matters, surely, is the relationship i have with my clients, the values and principles i adhere to and of course the products i deliver. Products created from a wide mix of live video footage, photography, 3d animation, 2d animation, motion graphics and other touches of 'Movie Magic'. Whatever it takes to deliver whatever is needed.

Hopefully you have looked at some of the work Red5 has produced on the Work page so what about values?

Over 15 in the industry (including the birth of Red5 in 2008) has , for me, distilled into 3 major passions:

Beautiful Aesthetics

This doesn't mean that everything has to be 'pretty'; beauty is often as much about context and application. Therefore the definition of 'Beautiful', in this case, means something that fits the message & purpose and looks great.

Clear Communication

My time in the industry has allowed me to learn the importance of substance over style, story over aesthetic. Pretty pictures that don’t effectively communicate a message are pretty pointless. Everyone has a story. Whether it's about themselves, their business, product or service, it's my job to tell that story in efficient and engaging way. Challenge accepted!


Collaboration with the Client to ascertain what is wanted, is needed and how we do it. Collaboration with strategic partners to deliver a product that ticks all those boxes.