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Have you ever wondered about how we create what we create?

Maybe you have a project in mind or are simply interested in how you get from initial idea to end product with something like what we have in our Work section?

I thought so! And for that reason i have created this case study from a recent project for EOS Ecology to give you a step-by-step breakdown and demystify the process...

Step One - The Briefing

This is one of the most important steps in the whole design and production process.

This is where we meet with the client to discuss:

  • what they need
  • what they like and don't like
  • what they want to communicate
  • who they want to communicate with
  • any concepts and ideas the have
  • their company values and brand

It is important to us that whatever we create not only communicates the correct message but that it also adheres to the values, aesthetic and quality of the client's brand collateral. After all, Brand is paramount.

In this case, EOS Ecology wanted a 10 second logo animation to be placed at the start and end of their own video that they produce for their website. They needed it to look slick, scientific, professional and high quality to give the right impression of who they are and what they do. They also wanted to reflect the ethos of both the Aquatic Science department ("Raising the bar of surface water ecology") and the Visual Communications ("We make science look good").

Step Two - Initial Design

This is the fun bit... now we get to the business of putting our minds and imaginations into action to create a some design options that embody the essence and goals of the brief and brand.

In this case we presented three different options of 'look & feel'...

Whilst merit and value could be seen in each concept, all four people involved in the decision making process agreed that the 'Droplet' concept was the best fit. So we continued with the development of this idea...

Step Three - Development

Once the concept has been chosen we then begin the animation and development process. For EOS Ecology this meant an early draft render of the CG droplet was made to show how it would move and change and eventually resolve into the logo. While this is not a very accurate representation of the final look of the animation, it is necessary in order to get approval of the animation and timing of the piece before the final (time consuming) renders are done.

At this point it was decided that the animation needed to be shortened by a few seconds and a few more 'scientific looking' graphic elements added. Revised style frames and a another draft render of the droplet animation were then presented.

ECO Ecology then provided a list of industry specific words and phrases to add, the final renders were done and polishing was completed resulting in this...

The Result

A great looking animation (if i do say so myself...)... the EOS Ecology is happy cos it makes them look good... we're happy cos it makes them look good which makes us look good...

And it has been a good example of how we work so i can write this to let you know how easy it is and how we can help you to bring your ideas, your brand, your business to life...