Red5 Top 5 videos of the week #3

5 more interesting examples of video content from the mighty interweb. 

Disclaimer! I need to make it clear that, as much as i would love to take credit for any of these examples, i can't 'cos i didn't make them. Just saying...

A bit of a theme going on this week... Three great examples of motion graphic magic transforming existing footage into something entirely different (and completely O for Oresome!).

NBA "The dance never ends" - Romain Loubersanes

Red Bull Signature Series - Vogner

X Games 2012 "Takeover" - Buck

Wired, an online tech-y magazine, makes science sexy(ish) with this nicely executed infographic

Wired "What's inside: Strike Anywhere matches" - Lukas Vojir

Here the BBC create some buzz for an experimental platform by using an eclectic mix of looks and styles which is in itself a style(?)...

BBC "Taster Launch Film" - Simon Russell