Red5 Top 5 videos of the week #2

5 more interesting examples of video content from the mighty interweb.

QEB Launch - Mighty Nice, Sydney, Australia

I very nice example of using high quality animation, production value & humour to talk about insurance. 

Technique Bank - Black Brothers Group, Minnesota, USA.

I don't understand the language but the beautiful motion graphics and animation make the point of this commercial with style. And what better way to explain techy things than with techy graphics?

Red Bull "That one time" - Luiz Stockler, London, England

I really like this technique; taking an audio recording of a real person telling a real story and adding fantastically styled animations and humour to enhance the whole storytelling process.

Constant Contact "Main St" - Blackmath, Boston, USA

A very nice transition from real footage to animation in a great little commercial for an online service

Yokohama "Orange" -Giant Ant, Vancouver, Canada

"How to explain a new concept in tire manufacturing and make it fun?... Hmmmm.. I know! Lets make a multimedia video using live footage, stop motion, 3d animation, cell animation and some great art direction!" I'm pretty sure that's how the conversation went...

Hope you found something there that was interesting, inspiring, educational or even entertaining. Feel free to leave a comment. I'm interested to know what you think. And if you want examples of anything in particular, just let me know and i'll see what i can find.