Red5 Top 5 videos of the week #7

This week a collection of videos for software companies. Five quite different approaches to explaining and promoting their product.

Disclaimer! I need to make it clear that, as much as i would love to take credit for any of these examples, i can't 'cos i didn't make them. Just saying...

Hootsuite "Game of Social thrones" - Clement Morin

Unashamedly riding the 'Games of thrones' wave of popularity, Hootsuite risk the potentially tacky approach of 'paying homage' (or ripping off?) the stunning Game of thrones opening sequence

Asana "Do great thing together" - Giant Ant

Project management is not the most stimulating subject but Giant Ant have created a beautiful piece if abstract animation here.

Crowdstrike "Black Hat 2015 - Seth Eckert

Cyber Security. Important? absolutely! Interesting? Yeh nah... Still this is a beautifully designed and a compelling piece of technical explanation. Warning! unless you are a Techy, you may well experience dizzy and confusion due to overexposure to techy talk...

Google "Boarding Pass" 

Can't really feature software companies without mentioning the 'Gooooogle'... And, as you'd expect, this is simple, slick & seamless.

Xero "Beautiful Accounting software for Small Business"

An entirely different approach from Xero. Putting a human face on it, Xero take the product out of the computer into 'real' life. Adding some in frame graphics to explain a few things, the well art directed video leverages 'quirky' to engage and edutain. (Not that's not typo...)

Hope you found something there that was interesting, inspiring, educational or even entertaining. Feel free to leave a comment. I'm interested to know what you think. And if you want examples of anything in particular, just let me know and i'll see what i can find.