Red5 Top 5 videos of the week #8

This week we tackle the heavy issues. Sex, social injustice, drunk driving & animal welfare. All subjects that can be difficult to discuss, explain and address. These are all beautiful examples of incredible creative minds coming together use their talents to make a difference.

Disclaimer! I need to make it clear that, as much as i would love to take credit for any of these examples, i can't 'cos i didn't make them. Just saying...

Amnesty International "50th Anniversary" - Mikros Image

Great concept. Beautifully shot, edited and graded.

Amnesty International "Pens" -

Yes. Another one from Amnesty International but quite different in treatment and execution. There is also a behind the scenes video here

SAAQ "Cable" -  La Cavalerie

The execution and production on this piece is top notch but it's the concept that really sings. 

WWF "Threads" -

No. Not the horrendous BBC depiction of post nuclear apocalypse society that was inflicted on high school children in the 80s (for those of us that were there...) but actually a stunning piece of creative design and storytelling.

"Tea & Consent" - Blue Seat Studios

Brilliantly scripted with just the right amount of humour but also without over shadowing the point. A fantastic analogy that 'edutains' with great effect.

Hope you found something there that was interesting, inspiring, educational or even entertaining. Feel free to leave a comment. I'm interested to know what you think. And if you want examples of anything in particular, just let me know and i'll see what i can find.