Red5 Top 5 videos of the week #9

This weeks post is a focus on the importance and effect of good design. I have long maintained that a Motion Design begins where the Graphic Design finishes. True. However without good graphic design and composition, Motion Design is ineffective. Drawing the eye and attention to the right things at the right time, adding to the message through the look & feel & communicating the message with aesthetic, motion & emotion are all vital to good video. Here are some good examples

Disclaimer! I need to make it clear that, as much as i would love to take credit for any of these examples, i can't 'cos i didn't make them. Just saying...

Science & Nature  "Teaser" - Chromosphere

this is a good example of great graphic design with subtle and effective motion design. Deceptively simple. Watch it a couple of times and you'll see what i mean.

Cub Studio "Simpler" - Cub Studio

In some ways this piece uses some very standard styles and techniques - flat design, quirky characters, 'wobbly' cartoon motion (i particularly like the Sound Engineer) but is simple in aesthetic and uses colour (which links back to their logo. Branding, branding, branding!) to direct attention and progress the story.

Biotherm "30th" - Blackmeal

Great story pushed along by the constant 'travelling camera' technique (what better way to depict a timeline?). However each shot has been designed beautifully to make sense on it's own as well as fitting into the rules of the overall aesthetic. Again a lot of work in this to make it look so simple.

Nest "Works with Nest" - Wesley Slover

Very nicely done. A great use of restricted colour palette, line drawings, composition and mix of flat design and photo-real 3d (a personal favorite style of mine). Also notice the almost traditional 50s & 60s style character poses. This gives the piece a hint of history (implying the same for the brand perhaps?) as well as showing cutting edge technology. A good example of the visual aesthetic enhancing the brand as well as the core message.

Hope you found something there that was interesting, inspiring, educational or even entertaining. Please leave a comment. I'd love to know what you think. And if you want examples of anything in particular, just let me know and i'll see what i can find.